Feira Raiana 2017

Competir Internacional was present at the 21st edition of Feira Raiana, the biggest event of cross-border cooperation between Portugal and Spain. From 26th and 30th of July, more than 200 exhibitors were in Idanha-a-Nova.

The event is organized by Idanha-a-Nova Municipality, Centro Municipal de Cultura e Desenvolvimento and Ayntamiento de Moraleja. The opening counted with the presence of the Minister of Economy – Manuel Caldeira Cabral, who complimented the organization and referred to it as an example of good practices between transfrontier projects. The State Secretary for Internationalization – Eurico Brilhante Dias, was also present and emphasized the quality of the Portuguese products, as well as its great capacity to produce. The challenge lies on achieving other channels with our range of products and touristic offer, which he guarantees that, contrary to common belief, are highly valued in the international market.

Armindo Jacinto – President of Idanha-a-Nova Municipality, fostered Economy, Culture and Entertainment has the main objectives of the show. A visionary man, Armindo Jacinto intends to demonstrate that the rural world should be considered has a captivating space for investment that leads to wealth and employment creation, in a differentiated and specialized way, by barely using its most basic resources: heritage and people.

Pedro Machado – President of Turismo de Portugal, stopped by our booth and reminded that the strategy must be to not isolate sub-regions like Idanha-a-Nova and many others, networking, corporation and competitiveness should be the common goal.

Representative politicians from Spain attended the show, namely President of Ayntamiento de Moraleja – Julio César Herrero Campo, President of Diputación de Cáceres – Rosário Cordero Martin and President of Junta de Extremadura – Guillermo Fernández Vara. This edition turn out to be the year with most Spanish visitants, from business to cultural agents. We appreciated the words of encouragement of Julio César Herrero Campo, that paid his respect to companies like Competir Internacional that represent local and act global.

Simultaneously to the event, the III Forum Mundial de Inovação Rural / Rural Innovation World Forum also gathered  80 companies and startups. During these five days, Idanha was the European meeting point of rural innovation, entrepreneurship and qualification, with participants from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. We agree with president Armindo Jacinto when he says that “innovation – more or less technological – in the processes, in the products, in the services, is the only way to the sustainable development of the rural world”.

Initiatives like this must be valued within countries, sustainable relations between nations and local product promotion determinate the true identity of leader entities like Idanha-a-Nova Municipality. We congratulate and wish for more activities like this in Portugal, in Europe and in the world. As Manuel Caldeira Cabral very well said: “Idanha proves that its people can make the difference, especially with a President that represents them so assertively, it really is possible to create dynamism, meeting points and opportunities cross-borders”.

Competir Internacional would like to thank Idanha-a-Nova Municipality, in the person of the president Armindo Jacinto, who gently invited us and promoted us at the highest level within his contact network. We also thank the organization and our suppliers, who cooperated with us during all this process. A big thank you to Competir Formação Castelo Branco, in the persons of Cláudia and Catarina, such a great support from our colleagues. And last but not least, we must show our gratitude to our consultant Catarina Pereira, for her kindness and availability throughout our participation – it would never be the same without you. Next year the edition will be in Spain, do not miss us there.


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