Theater Tivoli – Wines on the stage

Wines on stage brings together wines from 40 producers  from Portugal, in a parade of grape varieties and aromas that mix with a songs, conversations and business.

At the BBVA Tivoli Theater, there are orientated tastings, national and foreign experts and the perfect environment to promote our wines. The public will be able to circulate through the various floors of the building, where more than 40 producers will have their stands. In the dressing rooms and the friezes it will be possible to experience the wine in a different way, as well as your different approach in the D. Antónia Ferreira room, decorated for this purpose.
Simultaneously, the stage will open and close its curtains, to give place to wine on stage with, consisting of musical notes, lectures, conversations and debates on wine.
From the 23rd to the 26th of March, the art, gastronomy and national wines are combined in Wines on stage, an event for those who like wine and who will enjoy it!


Find out more about workshops and the programme here.