Chocolate Festival

In a season full of event, Competir Internacional would like to invite you to Internacional Chocolate Festival 2017.

This event takes place in Óbidos, a small medieval village with a castle. If you are a fan of chocolate or want to try our wonders this is the place to be.

During the festival all streets become true showcases for all type of products with chocolate. Here everybody can taste and buy.

Grown ups are invited and may take culinary courses where chocolate is always present or watch true professionals competing and their wins.

Everywhere you will find chocolate sculptures, so there are a lot to do for little ones as well. As this is their fantasy place.

Magic and wonderlands a part, Competir Internacional promotes the wonders of chocolate from our chocolateers in Portugal. Therefore if you find the time you may taste it yourself and have an amazing day at the same time.

Bring it to your country and we are sure your will make a huge success.
It will take place from 10th of March to 2nd of April.

Take a look at their website and Facebook Page for more info and details.