Xanana Gusmão in Portugal

Xanana Gusmão in Portugal and Competir Internacional was part of the event, leaving him a nice basket of products from our catalogue.

Timor-Leste xanana gusmãoOn the 31st of May last, Xanana Gusmão, who is now East Timor’s Minister for Planning and Strategic Investment, was invited to the summit meeting “East Timor – a CPLP economic platform” which took place in Torres Novas this Wednesday. The event brought together regional entities (NERSANT and AIP) and entrepreneurs, in order to capture investment in East Timor. Torres Novas has a strong relationship with East Timor fostered by António Rodrigues, former Mayor with a 20 year legacy. The municipality is twinned with Manatuto.

The former Prime Minister and Federal President, highlighted his country’s resources, as well as recognized that on behalf of East Timor growth, one must hold up as an example local municipalities instead of big cities like Lisbon, for the dimensions are too divergent compared with a country with 1 million people. In his speech, Xanana remembered East Timor’s Independence following years, back in 2002, and the rough path that the country took to develop an autonomous reconstruction, admitting the lack of experience of the government at that time. Also mentioned the kind hospitality of Portugal every time he visits.

António Rodrigues complemented Xanana’s plea, noticing the development of East Timor, specially regarding the agriculture and fishing commercial sectors. José Eduardo Carvalho (AIP), recalled the potential economic area that East Timor is located.

Competir Internacional was very pleased to be present at the event and to have the opportunity to confirm our investment in maintain straight relations with the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The timing is favorable for Portuguese companies to strategically invest in markets such as East Timor, for the legislation now eases the process and it will also increase the country’s prosperity.

Xanana Gusmão and Ana Onofre

Xanana Gusmão and Ana Onofre