Meeting Portugal-Taiwan

Competir Internacional took part on the meeting Portugal-Taiwan organized by AIP, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center and the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association.

AIP Business Meeting Portugal-Taiwan

Competir Internacional at AIP business meeting Portugal-Taiwan

Allow us to explain you a little about Taiwan (R.O.C) :

Taiwan (Chinese: 臺灣 or 台灣 (traditional), 台湾 (simplified)), officially the Republic of China (CR), is an island located in East Asia, which evolved from a unipartite regime with worldwide recognition and full jurisdiction over the entire China. It is a democracy with limited international recognition. Despite taking advantage of many  relations with other countries.

Capital: Taipei
Population: 23.3 million inhabitants (twice the Portuguese population)
Area: 36,188 km² (1/3 of the area of ​​Portugal)
Main Languages: Mandarin Chinese (official), Chinese Min Nan (Taiwanese), Hakka
Main religions: Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity
Life expectancy: 76.2 years (H); 82.7 years (M)
Currency: New Taiwanese dollar.

Some of the benefits for doing businesses in Taiwan are the fact that it is a major platform for business with China; it has liberalization of banking, insurance and securities sectors; offshore center for the renminbi (RMB); high levels of consumer disposable income. Taiwan is also considered a hub for the Asia Pacific region with a skilled workforce, abundant capital, and excellent innovation capabilities.

These were some of the reasons that Competir Internacional has target this country, consolidating its approach to Asians markets.

In this business meeting were present eight Taiwanese companies participating, as well as representatives of the organizing entities.

Aware of how important is Taiwanese market and sophisticated it is, we presented several products:

  • Our most exclusive olive oil from Trás-os-Montes
  • Gin from Alentejo – including Blue Magic that changes color when tonic water is added
  • Rum from Madeira Island – from 1845 Estate
  • Sea Salt – Hand Harvert, 100% Bio, Halal and Kosher
  • Rice – 100% Portuguese and the most used in Portuguese culinary

    Competir Internacional at AIP business meeting Portugal-Taiwan

    Competir Internacional salt at AIP business meeting Portugal-Taiwan

Only 8 opportunities to catch some attention between dozens of great products exhibiting. We believe we had, mainly due to the great ambassadors of their product (Olive Oil) that we invited to take part with us at the event.

Competir Internacional at AIP business meeting Portugal-Taiwan

Competir Internacional’s products at AIP business meeting Portugal-Taiwan