Catalogue 2016

2016 was for Competir Internacional an important year for updates. Our client’s need brought the need for new partnerships.

To help you choose from our selection, we presented to you a 140 pages catalogue which includes all of our categories.
When you open it, you may find from Wines to Olive Oil and Coffee. It provides and exciting idea of traditional Portuguese products from all around the country.
We didn’t forget our compromise, so if you don’t find what you are looking for you can asks directly.
On our catalogue, you can immediately find small details about each product to help you understand it and relate it with it.
Please enjoy it and travel throughout Portugal imaging the flavors, the texture and the incredible tasty smell that we want so bad show to the world.
In a Portuguese table there’s always good wine and good food. It provides wonderful 3 hours dinners with friends and family.