Deutschland – a whole new world!

Deutschland (Germany) is EU economic engine. It has: 1) efficient infrastructure, which is a plus for logistics; 2) competitive tax conditions; and 3) secure investment framework. Also no one can deny the  vibrant cultural scene – and let us remind you that the free access to culture rises more wide and exigent individuals.

Highly receptive to new cultural influences and culinary trends, German F&B market offers endless business opportunities. Germany’s food industry is driven by the commitment to deliver the best, as well as to adapt to its consumer’s needs. Health awareness and aging population are increasing helping previously niche markets to become significant industry players. Germany stands at the forefront of this sector as it grows and meets the international challenge for safe and healthy foodstuffs. F&B is the third largest industry sector in Germany, showing a promising outlook for this year and beyond.

Regarding international trade, Germany is both the third largest exporter and importer of agricultural and food products worldwide, thereby the most important European market for foreign producers. Considering the positive market outcome, industry analysts expect a positive market development. Consumers are demanding higher quality (organic, fair trade and health&wellness) food products. Although still nascent, the crescent plea for organic foodstuffs in the commercial sector is further driving the market. All this factors combined, make Germany a thriving point of entry both into German and European markets.

For these reasons Competir Internacional Lda. spend the last week gathering with several companies, in order to strengthen relations between Portugal and Germany and to be present in the right channels of the German market.

We kindly thank to Esplendido Douro, one of the best olive oils in the world for the great job during our visits. Also, for the support AICEP in Germany that advised us so well and guided us during this week.

Finally, a big thank you to the amazing companies we had the pleasure to meet with for the interest showed in the Portuguese products. We will surely be back soon!