Project Designation | INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – Internationalization

Project code | AAC nº 06 / SI / 2015 – Application nº 000920

Main Objective | OT 3 – Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs / and of domestic products in external markets

Region of intervention | Alentejo 2020


Date of approval | 29/07/2015

Starting date | 30/09/2015

Completion date | 30/09/2017

Total eligible cost | € 516,420.82

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER – € 232,389.37

National / regional public financial support |n.a.

Objectives, activities and expected results

Project supported and financed by the European Union Funds under the SI Qualification and Internationalization Incentive System, aims to strengthen the presence and competitiveness of small and medium sized Enterprises in foreign markets
The company will invest in the internationalization that allows it in an efficient and profitable way, the selling of the products, from the various producers that it represents or its own branded products, in the several market segments in the target markets in which it proposes to act.
The investment project of Competir International will be carried out through a set of international promotion and marketing actions in Poland, Hungary, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, United States of America, Germany, Sweden.
The promotion strategy in these markets is based on the publication of promotional material, the conduct of prospective actions, participation in international sectorial tradeshows and finally the development of a brand and the use of digital marketing tools.
This internationalization strategy corresponds to the way the company evaluates and faces its activities outside the country of origin, considering the specific needs of the clients, the movements of the competitors and the reality of each country, where it is or will be present.
Exporting the best of Portugal.

Competir Internacional ltd

Headquarters: Rua António Sardinha 27
7800-447 Beja, Portugal
Sales office: Avenida 5 de Outubro 68 9ªA-B
1050-048 Lisboa, Portugal

International Project
Project supported and financed by the European Union Funds under the SI Incentive System Qualification and Internationalization.
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